The Rabbit Factory

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2009
14 hours 49 minutes
Marshall Karp is an acclaimed playwright known for his witty sense of humor and crackling dialogue. His debut
novel The Rabbit Factory stars the irreverent LAPD detective duo of Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs.
Dean Lamaar is the architect of an entertainment empire and the creator of iconic characters like Rambunctious
Rabbit and McGreedy the Moose. When his company falls on hard times, the only hope to get it back in the black is
Familyland—an amusement park in Las Vegas. Mere days before the grand opening, an actor playing Rambunctious
Rabbit is found dead on the park grounds and everyone senses foul play. Someone’s out to get Lamaar, and if Lomax
and Biggs can stop bickering long enough, they just might find out who it is before more people get knocked off.
This rollicking tale is at once a multi-layered whodunit and a skewering of Tinseltown. Tom Stechschulte’s
and James Jenner’s performances give perfect voice to all of Karp’s eccentric characters
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Kristin W.

Funny, very suspenseful. Will start listening to this series now.

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