Raven Merlot's Erotic Spanking Tales: Volumes 1-4: Eight Spanking Stories

Raven Merlot's Erotic Spanking Tales: Volumes 1-4: Eight Spanking Stories

Written by:
Raven Merlot
Narrated by:
Ruby Rivers
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
4 hours 34 minutes
Raven Merlot is a real-life spanking enthusiast and is proud to present this series of spanking stories. Getting regular spankings is an important part of her marriage. It can be elaborate, with role play and getting told what a bad girl she is. It can also be casual; over her husband’s knee is a great position to watch reruns of The Office from!

Whether you are a spanking aficionado, just curious, or someone who wishes they could experience the sting of a lover’s hand on your ass Raven is happy to have you join her in her fantasies. 

In Dark Desires Mikayla is an innocent, naïve woman who can’t stop exploring websites dedicated to spanking and discipline. She finally musters up the courage to attend a kink party where she gets her first taste of what she’s been fantasizing about for years. 

In Initiation Raquel takes an earlier flight home than her husband anticipates and she catches him with another woman. In her post-divorce life she meets an enchanting and dominant woman who introduces to submission and discipline. 

In Control Alannah meets Drake over an upscale dating site. Their initially passionate, but vanilla, sexual relationship evolves into one cemented in dominance and submission. Alannah and Drake discover that what has been missing from their romantic lives was her need to submit and his need to control.

In Peeping Don Lauryn and Kevin realize they’re being spied on by their creepy older neighbor, Don. One day they decide to overload his voyeuristic brain and give him a show that he’ll never forget. Little do they know that their kinky playacting will open up a whole new world of sexual exploration for them both. 

In Trick or Tease Eleni has spent her entire life feeling lonely and as though no one understands her. One Halloween evening she discovers an erotic pumpkin display, carved by Aidan, a stranger who lives in a castle like estate. She is instantly drawn to him and they discover their mutual desires for aggressive dominance and submission. She surrenders to Aidan and discovers what has always been missing from her life. 

In The Collector an antiques dealer named Colette finds herself inexplicably drawn back to an old flame, a rival named Julia. Their one night together, years past, had penetrated Colette’s soul and left her craving more. Now Julia beckons Colette back into her life for a night of erotic discipline, made even more memorable by the participation of third beautiful woman. 

In Stage Fright a girl’ Christmas get-together give Judy more than she bargained for. Her friends trick her into attending a BDSM show. As the ladies become more and more aroused Judy feels her innocence evaporate, and then get completely shattered when she becomes a part of the entertainment. 

In Carnal-Val Carly and Matt find themselves receiving an unexpected invitation to a mysterious carnival. After much confusion they finally attend to discover themselves in a world of leather clad masters and mistresses, acting out their fantasies of sadomasochistic discipline. It doesn’t take long for the young, naïve couple to submit themselves to the kink they are surrounded by. 
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