The Read Aloud Factor: How to Create the Habit That Boosts Your Baby's Brain

Written by:
Rekha S. Rajan
Narrated by:
Subhadra Newton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
5 hours 28 minutes
New neuroscience research is showing us the long-term impact that reading aloud has on children, stretching all the way into adulthood. We have always known that reading aloud is an important way to bond with your baby and develop language skills. But the latest research, led by author Rekha S. Rajan, shows that individuals who were read to more frequently as children showed a healthier brain in old age. Parents reading to their own child was a valuable and important part of supporting lifelong brain development. The Read Aloud Factor gives parents and caretakers what they need to make read-alouds a regular and enjoyable part of the family routine. This innovative book shares the latest research on brain development, describes how reading aloud supports language and social-emotional development, and provides ideas for integrating STEAM practices of reading aloud with arts and technology. The scientific insight that inspired this project is distilled into accessible, actionable information for parents and educators on how to read aloud in an effective, engaging, and meaningful way. The key to the book is its accessible approach, which combines findings from the most modern research to provide new pathways for parents and caregivers to support their baby's development.
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