Real Estate Titans: 7 Key Lessons from the World’s Top Real Estate Investors

Written by:
Erez Cohen
Narrated by:
Daniel Henning

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
8 hours 20 minutes
In Real Estate Titans, Erez Cohen shares the advice and learnings of the world´s leading real estate experts to create a guide for becoming a savvier real estate player.

Cohen draws on his experience as a research and teacher’s assistant at Wharton Business School with an investment expert—and his mentor—Dr. Peter Linneman.

Throughout his career, Cohen has collected first-hand knowledge from meetings with such real estate titans as Stephen Ross, Barry Sternlicht, Sam Zell, Steven Roth, and numerous others. Cohen wanted to understand how these real estate giants became so successful, so he refined his quest into three critical questions: What inspires these titans to work so hard and reach such extraordinary levels of success? What are the main elements and traits inside of them that propel them to be so grandiose? How have these individuals, who had less resources, succeeded on a much bigger scale than so many of their competitors?

Real Estate Titans contains the 7 key lessons distilled from interviews with several of the world’s greatest real estate investors. These critical lessons offer insight into the mindset, tactics, and habits that each of the interviewed titans possess.

Once you implement these key ideas—which you won’t find anywhere else—in your business, it will grow exponentially within a matter of months.

Real Estate Titans offers an insider’s view into several of the most successful investors on the planet. The book’s compelling stories and lessons show why realestate is such a wonderful and important business, and it also offers a roadmap for becoming a world class real estate player.
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Valuable information but would be more better if the author had also disclosed his privelliges due to his alliance and association with congloromates. These billionairs mostly creat fotune through manipulation and then sell us books how they did it. It's not easy as it is said. There are dominant mafias in almost every business at local and international level. Unless one allie with them, it's hard for an average middle class to break his economic shackles. From Bill Gatees to Elon Must it's the US Goverment buying their products first, when it was not even tested. But then this is how capitalism works.

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Fouad A.

Solid narration and valuable information

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