Rebel Spy

Written by:
Veronica Rossi
Narrated by:
Jennifer Jill Araya

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
10 hours 42 minutes
A reimagining of the story behind Agent 355—a New York society girl and spy for George Washington during the Revolutionary War—perfect for fans of Tatiana de Rosnay’s Sarah’s Key and the novels of Julie Berry.

Rebellious Frannie Tasker knows little about the war between England and its thirteen colonies in 1776, until a shipwreck off her home in Grand Bahama Island presents an unthinkable opportunity. The body of a young woman floating in the sea gives Frannie the chance to escape her brutal stepfather—and she takes it.

Assuming the identity of the drowned Emmeline Coates, Frannie is rescued by a British merchant ship and sails with the crew to New York. For the next three years, Frannie lives a lie as Miss Coates, swept up in a courtship by a dashing British lieutenant. But after witnessing the darker side of the war, she realizes that her position gives her power. Soon she finds herself eavesdropping on British officers, risking everything to pass information on to George Washington’s Culper spy ring as agent 355. Frannie believes in the fight for American liberty—but what will it cost her? Inspired by the true “355” and rich in historical detail and intrigue, this is the story of an unlikely New York society girl turned an even unlikelier spy.
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Brittany H.

A little wordy and too much unnecessary detail. It got better towards the end but I wouldn’t recommend

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I couldn’t stop listening! Give the narrator a chance. In the beginning she isn’t great, but then after the first chapter she is wonderful! The plot is cunning and sweet.

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Laura L.

I'm a big fan of well written historical fiction, and this is.

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Bill R.

Captivating from beginning to end, I couldn't wait to continue listening...The narrator portrayed the characters well.

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This story was interesting with good character development and plot development. I didn’t care for the male sounding (was a woman trying to speak like a man) narrative voice. It was distracting. A nice read, but not a favorite.

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Patrick M.

A good listen. A well crafted story woven into carefully researched historical facts and individuals. I recommend it to fans of historical fiction.

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I so enjoyed this book. Interesting plot throughout. Great story and characters. Wonderful narrator.

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Kimberly B.

Great book and narrator. I am recommending it to my book group.

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Lauri C.

I thought it was a little slow in the middle but overall a very good book.

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Enjoyed the story immensely! Twists and turns and loved the characters. Beautiful voice of the narrator brought life to every word.

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Tracy W.

Even though this is a fictional work, I greatly enjoyed how the author incorporated facts of real history.

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Maretta S.

great reading

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