Red Rising: Sons of Ares: Volume 1 [Dramatized Adaptation]

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
4 hours 29 minutes
'From the world of the best-selling series Red Rising comes a story of love and loss and rage!

In the future, when mankind has spread across the stars, the hierarchy of man is dictated by the color of one’s caste. The Golds rule all, but what will happen when one falls for a lowly Red? See how a forbidden love will set the course of events for the future and lead to the formation of the formidable Sons of Ares!

Adapted from the graphic novel and produced with a full cast of actors, immersive sound effects and cinematic music. Includes an Exclusive Behind The Mic Interview with Author Pierce Brown and Director Richard Rohan.

Also available as a graphic novel from Dynamite Comics.

Performed by Richard Rohan, John Kielty, Jessica Lauren Ball, Holly Adams, Zeke Alton, Matthew Pauli, Jonathan Lee Taylor, Joe Mallon, Andy Clemence, Marni Penning, Martin Dickinson, Bradley Smith, Matthew Schleigh, Hannah Curtis, James Konicek, Rob McFadyen, Christopher Walker, Patrick Bussink, David Jourdan, Steven Carpenter, Yasmin Tuazon, Shanta Parasuraman, Alejandro Ruiz, Chris Stinson, and Nanette Savard.'
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This series brings so much more to the Red Rising universe!! This truly was “like a movie in your mind”!! I don’t think there’s any way possible I would enjoy reading the actual graphic novels more than listening to this performance of them!!

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Erin Z.

Great prequel! these books are great especially love the graphic novel..great addition!

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