The Redemption of Time: A Three-Body Problem Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
10 hours 14 minutes
Set in the universe of the New York Times bestselling Three-Body Problem trilogy, The Redemption of Time continues Cixin Liu’s multi-award-winning science fiction saga. This original story by Baoshu—published with Liu’s support—envisions the aftermath of the conflict between humanity and the extraterrestrial Trisolarans.

In the midst of an interstellar war, Yun Tianming found himself on the front lines. Riddled with cancer, he chose to end his life, only to find himself flash frozen and launched into space where the Trisolaran First Fleet awaited. Captured and tortured beyond endurance for decades, Yun eventually succumbed to helping the aliens subjugate humanity in order to save Earth from complete destruction.

Granted a healthy clone body by the Trisolarans, Yun has spent his very long life in exile as a traitor to the human race. Nearing the end of his existence at last, he suddenly receives another reprieve—and another regeneration. A consciousness calling itself The Spirit has recruited him to wage battle against an entity that threatens the existence of the entire universe. But Yun refuses to be a pawn again and makes his own plans to save humanity’s future…
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Christine C.

Although this a not written by Cixin Liu, he did approve it’s publication in the universe(s) he created. Stay with this book, the ending is quite satisfying.

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Pretty good ending to a complicated story. The flow of time is complicatedly fluent if you've read the first three books. I believe in a yin and yang pull of effort when there is a consistent yin and yang. Throughout the books the Trisolarins really built up the mystique, but when we switched to Lurkers and the Creator the book series lost it's MOJO and defeatable antagonist. Even if the Trisolarians conquered earth but had to rally together to defeat the unknown threat would've been epic! I'm unsure how the TV show will do with this ending but so far it's good. Hollywood will do Hollywood things. The dimensions along with the complicated time flow is draining and takes much more interpretation from the reader to be an effective input.

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Oscar D.


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Clayton M.

I enjoyed many elements of the book. There were a few portions that I felt deviated from the original sci-fi tone of the series and went into a kind of fantasy realm but it was still a greatly enjoyable experience. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the three body trilogy.

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Dykes J.

Amazing. " Impossible to describe with language from a 3-dimensional universe"

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