The Reef [Dramatized Adaptation]: Galactic Football League

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
4 hours 14 minutes
'The Reef is a lawless land ruled by the strong and the vicious.

Chaiyal ''the Heretic'' North, former intergalactic heavyweight champ, flees the wrath of crimelord Gredok the Splithead by going to a place Gredok can't reach - the Reef. A frontier planetoid where citizens try to scratch a living from the rock, the Reef is a lawless land ruled by the strong and the vicious.

For Chai, it's a hardscrabble life vastly removed from his former super-stardom. No more media, no more octagon, no more bright lights, and no more mods. When he hits rock bottom, he must carve out a new existence free from the weight of his past.

Performed by Eric Messner, Mike Ciporkin, Keith Richards, Michael John Casey, Elias Khalil, Alexandra Cohler, Ryan Haugen, Ken Jackson, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Amanda Forstrom, Christopher Graybill, Rayner Gabriel, Wyn Delano, Scott McCormick, Ryan Carlo Dalusung, David Engel, Nora Achrati, Ian Russell, Mike Carnes, Tyler Hyrchuk, Samantha Cooper, and Earl Fisher.'
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