ReInventing Yourself

Written by:
Steve Chandler
Narrated by:
Steve Chandler

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2000
2 hours 50 minutes
Whether you're self-employed, a middle manager, or a Fortune 500 executive, it's easy to get stuck in a humdrum life and only fantasize about "what could have been."Motivational speaker Steve Chandler helps you turn that way of thinking into "what will be." Reinventing Yourself is filled with techniques for breaking down negative barriers and letting go of pessimistic thoughts that prevent you from fulfilling-or even allowing yourself to conceive of-your goals and dreams.Within each of us is an inspiration-a spark of insight about the person we were meant to be. Reinventing Yourself helps us to name that vision . . . to call it ours and to begin to make it come true. We really can become the people we've always wanted to be. Steve Chandler tells us how.
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John Phillips

I loved this book, makes you realize that you can reinvent yourself and how to go about that.

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This work deserves more than 2 stars, so why did I give it 2? Mr. Chandler's voice reminds me of the Garfield cartoon character. Actually, I think he may be the voice talent of that cartoon cat. Sorry Steve but tooooooo boring. That said, the material that he presents is worth buying the book. I won tgive it away but the book would get 4 stars Just to say that the author presents some powerful new ways of thinking to transform your life. How our personalities get in the way of who we really want to be and how to change that and to remove harmful patterns in our lives and be the best we can be. Excellent content, but sadly, perhaps should have hired a voice talent to read it.

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