Rescued from the Depths

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
1 hour 30 minutes
I'm stranded on an island, but this isn't Castaway and coconuts. There's no Tom Hanks or Wilson. There's me, some monkey-like creatures and . . . oh yeah, I'm on another planet. Grass is blue, dirt is green, and I'm never getting home. Earth feels like light-years away, because it is.

To make matters worse, there's something in the ocean. I can feel it watching me, and sometimes I catch sight of a finned head and glowing purple eyes before it ducks back below the surface. I expect to remain trapped on this island until the end of my days. What I don't expect is a creature with the body of a god to emerge from the tide one day . . . and pull me to the depths with him.

Contains mature themes.
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