Written by:
S.M. West
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2021
8 hours 52 minutes
Reverb - noun: an echo like force or effect. 

My life is a cliché.

Rags to riches. 

A bad boy rock star. 

Everyone loves me.

On the outside, it looks like I have it all but nothing is further from the truth.

I died at eighteen. 

Lost the only thing I ever wanted.


At rock bottom, music becomes my life support and sometimes, it isn’t enough.

Then, out of nowhere, she shows up. 

A crash cart to my near-still heart.

Reunited, we struggle with the realization that the past is littered with lies and betrayal.

And worst of all, what tore us apart is determined to keep it that way.

Even as my heart beats strong and steady with the hope of our future, is it too late for us?

I’m filthier than ever and she’s no longer mine, but I’ll fight for her anyway.

We belong together, and I’ll prove them wrong.
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