The Room on Rue Amélie

Written by:
Kristin Harmel
Narrated by:
Madeleine Maby

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2018
10 hours 7 minutes
A moving and entrancing novel set in Paris during World War II about an American woman, a dashing pilot, and a young Jewish girl whose fates unexpectedly entwine—perfect for the fans of Kristen Hannah’s The Nightingale and Martha Hall Kelly’s Lilac Girls, this is “an emotional, heart-breaking, inspiring tribute to the strength of the human spirit and the enduring power of love” (Mariah Stewart, New York Times bestselling author).

When Ruby first marries the dashing Frenchman she meets in a coffee shop, she pictures a life strolling arm in arm along French boulevards, awash in the golden afternoon light. But it’s 1938, and war is looming on the horizon.

Unfortunately, her marriage soon grows cold and bitter, her husband Marcel, distant and secretive—all while the Germans flood into Paris, their sinister swastika flags waving in the breeze. When Marcel is killed, Ruby discovers the secret he’d been hiding—he was a member of the French resistance—and now she is determined to take his place.

She becomes involved in hiding Allied soldiers—including a charming RAF pilot—who have landed in enemy territory. But her skills are ultimately put to the test when she begins concealing her twelve-year-old Jewish neighbor, Charlotte, whose family was rounded up by the Gestapo. Ruby and Charlotte become a little family, but as the German net grows tighter around Paris, and the Americans debate entering the combat, the danger increases. No one is safe.

“Set against all the danger and drama of WWII Paris, this heartfelt novel will keep you turning the pages until the very last word” (Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author).
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Pavel Juránek

An absolutely exquisite story about life, love and struggle of the people living in the Nazi occupied France during the second world war. The story uncovers dilemmas everyone had to face during the war and the unquenchable thirst for freedom and liberation. A totally gripping story you wouldn't be able to put down.

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Anne B.

I found the book a little too long, I did not like the different accent impression of the narrator. However, as a 2nd generation survivor the story is very good.

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Ellen V.

Enjoyable, but had to get used to the fast pace of the voice telling the story. It sounded often as she was jabbering away while telling it.

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Christina G.

One of the best I’ve read this year. Right up there with Nightengale and Lilac Girls.

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Diedra F

This an enjoyable and intriguing book from start to end. The ending was so beautifully written. I really hope this book will be developed into a movie one day. Awesome read!

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