Rudyard Kipling: A Poetry Selection

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
1 hour 15 minutes
Rudyard Kipling. With our almost religious zeal to categorise and pigeon hole everything it should come as little surprise that one of the poems we learnt at school should so regularly be voted the best ever poem. Whether 'If..' deserves that credit or not is irrelevant to this empire wandering artist who was not only a fine story teller but a great poet of the Empires, its people and views. This volume pulls together many of his best loved and most well known works for your listening pleasure and is read for you by Richard Mitchley, Gideon Wagner, Tim Graham and Ghizela Rowe. The poems are; Rudyard Kipling - An Introduction; If; Mandalay; Our Fathers Also; Gentleman Rankers; Fuzzy Wuzzy; The White Mans Burden; Tommy; The English Flag; Danny Deever; As The Bell Clinks; The Explanation; The Absent Minded Beggar; Old Mother Laidinwool; The Legend Of Evil; Seal Lullaby; Cruisers; Gunga Din; To The City Of Bombay; The Ballad Of East & West; Cities And Thrones And Powers; The Prairie; The Way Through The Woods; Pink Dominoes; Two Months; Cuckoo Song; The Egg Shell; L' Envoi (An Extract); Mother O' Mine; In Springtime; A Nativity; Recessional; My Fathers Chair; Cells; The Mother's Son; Kim
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