The Runaway Jury: A Novel

Written by:
John Grisham
Narrated by:
Frank Muller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2000
14 hours 5 minutes
Every jury has a leader, and the verdict belongs to him.In Biloxi, Mississippi, a landmark tobacco trial with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake beginsroutinely, then swerves mysteriously off course. The jury is behaving strangely, and at least one juroris convinced he's being watched. Soon they have to be sequestered. Then a tip from an anonymousyoung woman suggests she is able to predict the jurors' increasingly odd behavior.Is the jury somehow being manipulated, or even controlled? If so, by whom? And, more important,why?
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Tim S.

Story was slow at times but did have a good ending... not entirely unexpected but still good

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Ricardo Zarate

Always liked Grisham, but had never read this one. Outstanding!!!

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Janet G.

John Grisham is my walking partner! This book was so intriguing that I didn’t even realize I was exercising! Great narration. Engaging characters.Suspenseful to the end!

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Savannah S.

Love this as usual. The narrator’s voice is pretty deep and throaty, but once you adjust to it, it makes for pretty good character development

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Paula Gutierrez

This selection was boring and didn't keep my interest. It was disappointing since Grisham's works are usually enthralling to readers. I returned it after listening to the second disc. The Last Juror was much better, and I would recommend that Grisham novel instead.

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This was a good book - but not as good as what I expect from Grisham. Thank goodness there are so many to pick from.

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Ralph Irwin

This is a #1 A plus book. Most exciting plot, and riviting story. I recomend it highly

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Typical Grisham tale of inside the legal profession.

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Daniel Wainwright

Very good attempt by Grisham. A little hard to believe towards the end. But, in general it certainly is a situation that could really occur. Some strange and unexpected twists along the way.

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Runaway Jury had twists and turns all through the book. I felt as if I knew all of the characters in person. Good suspense!

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Another great book by John Grisham. Keeps you guessing as the plot unfolds. A must if your a John Grisham fan.

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Cyndy W

Really enjoyed this! Characters are great!

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