Russian for Beginners: Learn the Basics of Russian in 30 Days

Russian for Beginners: Learn the Basics of Russian in 30 Days

Written by:
Lingo Publishing
Narrated by:
Irina Voronova
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
8 hours 36 minutes
If you’re a beginner to the Russian language who wants an easy-to-follow guide, pay attention…

About 258 million people in the world speak Russian daily. It is the most spoken Slavic language, knowledge of which opens a magic door to the stunning and immense world of Russian art and culture one can fall in love with for the whole life.

This audiobook is your reliable conductor to the world of the Russian language. It will prepare you for challenges, help you grow your skills securely, tell you interesting facts and stories, and give you the necessary independence and space for creativity on the path of the future master.

 Let’s have a glance at the treasures this guide keeps for you:

- A brief history of Russian with the etymology of the words for curious minds;
- The 5 main questions that help you to get a new acquaintance;
- The great vocabulary with a practical incline into everyday life;
- The easiest method to learn the verbs endings;
- Clear tables and resume of the main grammar rules for the 1-minutes knowledge refresh when you need it.

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