Sanctuary: Kip Tiernan and Rosie's Place, the Nation's First Shelter for Women

Written by:
Christine Mcdonnell
Narrated by:
Nancy Peterson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
0 hours 19 minutes
When Kip Tiernan was growing up during the Great Depression, she’d help her granny feed the men who came to their door asking for help. As Kip grew older, and as she continued to serve food to hungry people, she noticed something peculiar: huddled at the back of serving lines were women dressed as men. At the time, it was believed that there were no women experiencing homelessness. And yet Kip would see women sleeping on park benches and searching for food in trash cans. Kip decided to open the first shelter for women—a shelter with no questions asked, no required chores, just good meals and warm beds. With persistence, Kip took on the city of Boston in her quest to open Rosie's Place, our nation's first shelter for women. Kip Tiernan's story of humanity and tenacity reveals how one person's dream can make a huge difference and that small acts of kindness can lead to great things.
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