Season of the Wolf: Fae Guardians Trilogy Box Set Books 1 to 3

Season of the Wolf: Fae Guardians Trilogy Box Set Books 1 to 3

Written by:
Lana Pecherczyk
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
31 hours 29 minutes
Now available in a trilogy box set, the first three award-winning books in the Fae Guardians romantic fantasy series.

1) The Longing of Lone Wolves

Rush is a Fae Guardian, a wolf-shifter whose enhanced abilities have made him a ruthless protector of Elphyne. His job is to protect the realm from the human enemy. But one night of weakness resulted in a curse worse than death – exile. Now he spends his lonely time longing to be part of the living, once again protecting them from monsters… until one mysteriously washes up on the shores of his lake. The only one to have miraculously seen him in decades, Clarke is the sunshine to his grump. But if he hands her over to the authorities, his curse will be broken.

2) The Solace of Sharp Claws

Sharp claws keep you safe. That’s the brutal lesson Thorne learned as a young wolf-shifter. Now a vicious Fae Guardian, he hunts monsters, the human enemy, and anything that gets in his way. On a mission to find his missing mentor, he finds himself suddenly mated to Laurel, a beautiful, driven, but damaged human awoken from a time long since past. If he can get past the hurt, the pain, and the pride, Thorne will find a new use for his claws... to bury deep and never let her go.

3) The Dreams of Broken Kings

Jasper knows he is someone damaged and dangerous, the scars on his body prove it. His memories have been taken from him. He knows not why, or how, he came to be in the locked room with the pretty, vulnerable human called Ada, but he knows three things: the King wants him dead, Ada is his mate, and he’ll do anything to claim her.

If you love your books full of page turning action, world building, and slow burn tension heating up to volcanic then this series is for you.
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