The Secret Formula: Discover Your Greater Self—and Revolutionize Your Life

Written by:
Joseph Murphy
Narrated by:
Mitch Horowitz

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
4 hours 57 minutes
Are You Ready to Discover Who You Truly Are?

Healthful self-belief is the single greatest determinant of success. But so many of us lack it. In The Secret Formula, Joseph Murphy, author of the groundbreaking classic The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, reveals the hidden key to bolstering your sense of self: realizing the infinite powers of your mind.

The simple, persuasive, and epic pieces assembled in this collection provide a spiritual and psychological blueprint-a 'secret formula'-to discovering the metaphysical power of your thoughts and your mind's connection to the highest creative principle of the universe. When you discover this esoteric truth, you will finally know and be able to live out who you really are.

This collection, part of a new series called Joseph Murphy's Golden Lessons, is edited by popular voice of esoteric spirituality Mitch Horowitz. It includes Mitch's short bio of Murphy and a timeline of the teacher's life. 'Your subconscious is, in large measure, your destiny,' Mitch writes in his introduction. 'And your destiny can be shaped.' The methods in The Secret Formula show you how.
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