The Secrets of Closing the Sale

Written by:
Zig Ziglar
Narrated by:
Zig Ziglar

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2004
4 hours 5 minutes
All of us are involved in selling every day. Whenever we present a product or a principle, inform a client, or instruct a child, we are engaging in the art of effective persuasion. Allow America's master of the art of selling explain proven, practical sales techniques all of us can use every day. He provides vital strategies for specific closes, hundred of sales questions, and dozens of persuasion procedures to help everyone sell their ideas, or themselves. No matter what your age, gender, occupation, or lifestyle, these proven techniques from America's selling sensation can work for you.
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Easy listen, strong advice and proven success, l repeat listen to gain more insight

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Another great book by Zig! I really enjoy his stories and his sage advice.

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Joseph C.

It’s a good book, However I was frustrated with the long pause between chapters.

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Melissa Simpson

Well done. Excellent selling resources and entertaining.

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Isaac Ergas

Great book, with great tips in selling. Very funny stories. The only negative is that Zig talks very fast and with a strong accent. It was hard to understand a lot of times.

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There are some interesting ideas but the dialogue is too long. The whole tape can probably be condensed into half the time. If you use this audio for leisure listening (like listening to radio in the car) it is fine but if you are using this as learning tool and try to quickly absorb important ideas you may become frustrated after a while.

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Shane Engel

Zig does it again! One of the greatest salesmen and motivational speakers gives a great primer on closing sales!

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This book, although with some new insights and stories, felt like a rehash of everything else Armstrong has written about himself. It's tolerable, but not as interesting as It's Not About the Bike if you aren't a huge fan.

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