Self hypnosis for sleep: Definitive guide to sleep better, overcome anxiety and stress through hypnotherapy meditation.

Self hypnosis for sleep: Definitive guide to sleep better, overcome anxiety and stress through hypnotherapy meditation.

Written by:
Eduard Davis
Narrated by:
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
7 hours 8 minutes
Overcome Anxiety and Stress and Finally Sleep Better with This Ultimate Guide to Hypnotherapy Meditation!Is your quality of sleep suffering because of anxiety and stress?

IF YES, READ ON! THIS 2-IN-1 BOOK WILL HELP YOU FINALLY GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP!In this day and age, almost everyone suffers from stress and some form of anxiety. However, if stress is preventing you from sleeping, that can be a problem. 

When we sleep, we recover and rest. Quality sleep is incredibly important for our health. If you’re having problems falling asleep, self-hypnosis and meditation could be a solution.

This book will teach you:
- How to establish a healthy night routine
- Best positions that will help you sleep better
- How to relieve stress with self-hypnosis
- What is mediation and how it promotes better sleep

If you want to wake up happy, healthy, and energized, it’s time to explore self-hypnosis for quality sleep. 

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Toney L.

This book is easy to read and implement the techniques. I have known about several of the techniques for years as a therapist

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Gambler J.

I read a lot of meditation books but struggled with it. I also read a lot of other self-help books and also struggled. But this book tied them all up and gave a concise explanation of what those are and what you exactly need to do.

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Renaissance R.

This book is fantastic for people like me who like to be given a choice and decide to do it themselves. Thank you Mr Richard for explaining all concepts in a clear way, and let people decide for themselves. Fantastic book!

Profile Avatar
Dr A.

Of the many books I have read on self hypnosis this describes the easiest to use inductions for everyone. Recommend

Profile Avatar
Parsha R.

This book offers a lot of techniques and information on self-hypnosis. Highly recommend it!

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Ethan L.

This book can be summed up in two words... actionable and do-able. The good doctor really leaves you with practical exercises you can use to bring anything from slight to life changing results. In fact one of the exercises is so simple and short, you'll feel foolish for not at least trying. No foofoo airy fairy talk. Just pure practical gems of professional experience I highly recommend it.

Profile Avatar
Jacqueline M.

Very well organized and written. Each chapter can be taken on its own, but the book builds on each technique. All positive attitude and encouraging throughout.

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Phillip L.

What a great book. As a Hypnotist myself, I found this to be extremely helpful because this book simplifies Self-Hypnosis. This book shows how anyone can learn to do it easily, effortlessly, and empower them in their life. Everyone should have this book on their nightstand so they remember they are in control and powerful in their own life by practicing self hypnosis on a regular basis.

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Olivia R.

I've been studying hypnosis for 4 years and am a certified hypnosis instructor...and yet this book taught me so many things about self-hypnosis.

Profile Avatar
Andrew S.

I had some really good ideas while I read each chapter! I came up with a new induction and an outline for a couple new sessions. And I’m excited to use a couple of techniques I haven’t tried yet.

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Elizabeth 2.

If you have never tried self hypnosis and are wondering where to start this book will introduce you to several methods that can work independently or together and they are all suitable for beginners.

Profile Avatar
Saimon M.

This book helps you focus on what you want and that is exactly why many others should read it!

Profile Avatar
Alexander B.

This book is detailed in the importance of being in the present moment and achieving a state of calm and relaxation so you can be more resourceful.

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Starling J.

Some of the techniques are very simple classic hypnosis techniques. The reason they are shared in this book is because they work. I used the techniques of progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training in inductions and layer them into suggestions as well so client's have skills to take with them. That is what is so important is this book is these are all techniques you can do yourself to achieve a hypnotic state.

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