Seven African Powers: The Orishas

Narrated by:
Machelle Williams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
1 hour 7 minutes
Are you drawn to the divine? Do you yearn to connect with the energy that powers the universe?
Dive into the rich lore of these majestic Orishas. Learn to cast spells to honor their essence, prepare the foods that delight them, and integrate their symbols into your home for a life filled with their blessings. Whether you are a practitioner, an enthusiast, or a curious soul, our comprehensive guide is your portal to deepening your understanding of these powerful deities.
Take advantage of this opportunity to enrich your spiritual practice and home with the wisdom of the Orishas. Connect with Ogun’s transformative power, immerse in Yemaya’s healing waters, and harness Shango’s electrifying energy to ignite your inner strength. This guide is not just a audiobook; it’s a passage to empowerment and enlightenment.
Join me on this voyage of discovery and reverence. Elevate your spiritual knowledge and practice with insights into the rituals and mythology of Ogun, Yemaya, and Shango. Your path to profound connection awaits.
Don’t miss out—embrace the call of the Orishas today!
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