Written by:
Cari Thomas
Narrated by:
Helen Keeley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
26 hours 51 minutes
The SUNDAY TIMES bestselling series continues…

Praise for world of THREADNEEDLE

‘Enthralling and original fantasy’ Jay Kristoff, SUNDAY TIMES bestselling author of EMPIRE OF THE VAMPIRE

‘The magic both gleams and threatens’ Robin Hobb, SUNDAY TIMES bestselling author

Anna survived the attempt to bind her magic, but Anna and her coven aren’t free from danger yet.

Haunted by her aunt’s death, living in fear of her curse, and fated to love the one man she can never have, the last thing Anna needs is a witch hunt. Now she must conceal her magic once more or risk losing everything.

But when deadly hysteria strikes across the capital, and in her own school, the coven are left dangerously exposed. Delving deeper into the magical underworld of London, Anna and her twin sister Effie must find a way to work together to protect the coven.

But as the witch hunt intensifies and the hysteria spirals out of control, can Effie and Anna truly trust each other?
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