Shark Bait

Written by:
Graham Salisbury
Narrated by:
Graham Salisbury

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2013
3 hours 26 minutes
Mokes is 12, and he knows he's supposed to stay out of town Saturday night when the Navy comes ashore. But tonight's the night when his hero, tough-guy Booley, has vowed to get revenge on a sailor. He's got to be there! One problem: Mokes's Dad is the chief of police. Written with the voice and rhythm of the street that only first-hand knowledge can provide, Shark Bait will attract young adult patrons to your library the way The Outsiders did a generation ago. In this gritty and realistic audiobook, 12-year-old Mokes is torn between obeying his father, the police chief in a small Hawaiian town, and hanging out with his trouble-seeking friends.
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