The Shifter Empire

The Shifter Empire

Narrated by:
Liana Walsh , Maxx Pinkins
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
13 hours 53 minutes
Soulmates fight for the crown.


My friends and I managed to survive the revolution, but worse things are yet to come.​

The remaining Crystals of Harmony are out of our reach, and my prophecy darkens the road beyond. The time has come where the cult will harvest my blood, and raise the dark lord from the dead. I’ll do everything in my power to prevent them from performing the ceremony that will cause Droga to take over our world… but not even the gods can stop what’s coming.

There might yet be hope. All I can do is accept my fate, and rise to become the ruler our people need me to be.


​War has torn Malovia in two. The country has split, loyalties divided, and brother is pitted against brother in a conflict that will bring about the extinction of all fae… unless Emma and I stop it.

​A new king must be crowned, to challenge the current monarchy and restore what the fae have lost. The hope of a better future is on the horizon, looming with the dawn of a battle unlike any fae has ever seen.

​Our home is on the verge of collapse. Emma and I will continue to fight for our nation...

​If there’s anything left to fight for.
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