Short Stories for Children: Bedtime Stories and Classic Fairy Tales to Help Your Kids Fall Asleep & Relax. The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Ugly Duckling, Aesop's Fables Collection, and More!

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
2 hours 55 minutes
If You’re Looking for Enthralling, Magical Fairy Tales to Help Your Child Relax and Find Comfort at Night, Then Keep Reading!
Are you looking for a great bedtime routine for your child that will help them wind down after a hectic day of school and play?
Do you want to cultivate your child’s creativity and sense of wonder using some of the great classics of our time?
Who doesn’t?!
Every parent wants two things for their children: One is to live richer, more imaginative lives; the other is to get everything they need to be physically healthy.
Well, as far as colorful lives and staying healthy are concerned, “Short Stories for Children” by Kids Club has just the thing!
With the help of the most iconic children’s stories of all time – including: The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid, Aesop’s fables, and so many others – bedtime stories are proven to help foster a bond between parents and children, lower kids' stress levels and reinforce their literacy skills and mastery of language.
In this imaginative audiobook, your child will:
- Be entertained and appreciate the magic and wonder that only the best classic stories can offer
- Start memorable family traditions with mom and dad as the whole family winds down to bond and cuddle
- Increase their sleep quality while helping their body reset and heal from a busy day
And MUCH more!
Kids need to be nourished in every area of their life. Through “Short Stories for Children”, your child gets highly imaginative and prolific stories from some of history’s best authors told in a very soothing and relaxing way.
The fixed routine of a bedtime story before sleeping can improve the child's brain development, language mastery, and logical thinking skills.
Motivate your child to become a good human being and promote their capacity for empathy.
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As a dad, I've been on the lookout for good audiobooks to gift to my kids so they can listen before they go to sleep that would also impart some valuable teachings. The Short Stories for Chidlren by Kids Club is fantastic, with a wide variety of stories that are fun and instructive for kids.

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Wayne O.

My daughter asked us to read her short stories from time to time, but when we come back home from our job we are really tired sometimes. So, we found this audiobook the right compromise to meet our expectations and love the stories and the positive messages in it.

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