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April 2024
11 hours 54 minutes
As any true sports fan will tell you, once you have an allegiance to a team it's set in stone. It's unwavering. It's finite. You never leave. Yet somehow, I've been asked to do just that.

To set aside my love for The Yankees and take ownership of The New York Lions—the worst team in Major League Baseball. Oh, yes, and turn them into winners. An impossible job I don't want, from a gift I couldn't get a refund on.

But bring me a challenge and I will rise to it . . . Never, in all my thirty-one years, have I shied away. And, technically, I still haven't. Because, technically, I haven't accepted this particular challenge. Or two.

Enter Lowe Slater. The woman of my dreams. The woman I've loved from afar since I knew what love meant. My sister's best friend and the one who's been tasked to help me.

Twenty-five years I've kept Lowe at arm's length. Now she's everywhere I go. I have a team to build and somehow I'm doing it with Lowe by my side.

The walls I've so carefully constructed are falling down brick by brick, and soon it's not just the Commissioner's Trophy at stake.

It's my heart, too.
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Dominique S.

I enjoyed this book! I did not realize it was a part of a series when I started so I read it as a standalone but I want to go back and read the other two books! Penn has loved Lowe his entire life, from the moment she walked into his house with his sister when he was five. But as the years went on he did everything he could to avoid Lowe. This made Lowe think that he hated her. Penn’s grandfather gifts him a baseball team, but there are two problems with this. 1. Penn is obsessed with the Yankees, a diehard fan. 2. The team he gifted him is the worst team in the MLB. Penn goes into hiding for a couple of months until with the push of his friends and family he decides to do something about fixing the team. This starts with him hiring Lowe to work for him. Lowe and Penn get together quickly I would say in the book. I kind of wish there was a bit more build up to them getting together. Overall I really did enjoy this book! Penn and Lowe were really likable characters and I loved them together! I also enjoyed the plot of the book and the different side stories besides their relationship. This was the first book I have read by this author and I will be reading more! Dual POV

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Love this book by the author! This is the last book in this particular series, but easy to understand if you haven’t read the rest. Penn is our main male character, and he’s just inherited a baseball team that he has to bring up to par. He’s a closed of, playboy type, which doesn’t really serve him when he’s been in love with his sister’s friend Lowe for all his life. Now they’re working together to save the team, and the close proximity means spilled secrets and feelings. I loved this, and the low angst and reformed playboy plot made me root for Penn and Lowe. Helena Walters and Patrick Zeller were great in this! They were passionate, fun, and brought so much life to this story! Highly recommend!

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I loved this audiobook! I really love that I read this after already reading the Third Baseman because it was fun to have the inside scoop (even if I did it out of order) I love all these overlapping characters and the Luluverse! It’s great seeing other characters you love intermingled into all of Lulu’s books.

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Tori W.

Narrators: Patrick and Helena are.fairly new for me. I enjoyed how they delivered the story. Especially the emotions that went into the scenes.rnrnPenn was given a team he didn't want to turn around from being the worst to a winning team.rnAlthough I did not care for some of the things like why Pen's sister, got the company by default. Or the reason he was given the losing team, Penn and his unwavering love for Lowe was the great part of the story.

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Crystal F.

Audiobook review: Narrated by Helena Walters and Patrick Zeller 4 stars for story / 4.5 stars for performance I have been waiting for Penn's story and it's lived up to all my expectations. I was very intrigued on how he was going to handle his family (business) issues and the story on that aspect was done so well. As far as the relationship side of things, who doesn't love a player who has been pining for his one true love since he was a kid. I was so pleasantly surprised by Penn's character progression through this final book and Lowe's character fit him perfectly. I particularly enjoyed seeing more from Jupitar and nods to his book (which is one of my favorites from this author). I have loved this Tuesday Club series and am sad to see it go. As for the narration, it was done so well. The emotional aspect came through in spades. This was the first I've heard of Helena Walters, and I was extremely impressed with her skill. Patrick Zeller has such an amazing voice and it's so easy to listen to him for longer periods of time and he nailed the more emotional scenes, particularly in the beginning of this story.

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