Sign Your Fears Away

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
8 hours 1 minute
Norah Wintry is a Witch with a dream job. A Hollywood agent getting magical actors' parts in blockbuster films.

It's a niche field with unique problems. Somebody gets shrunk down to toadstool size and suddenly everyone's upset. Welcome to L.A.

No worries. Norah will fix it. She has a great family, a crackerjack assistant, and her business is taking off.

Until things start going wrong.

Actors are being injured, magic is causing accidents, and someone is hunting down former Silver Griffin Agents. Which makes it her business. Her parents are Silver Griffin agents in hiding.

Norah never intended to get involved in her parent's line of work. Whole other kind of agent-with real weapons and injuries that are harder to fix. But someone is muscling in on her business and maybe her life.

Can Norah figure out who's hurting magicals in Hollywood, reverse a curse on her roommate, and save her company? How about just stay alive?
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I love M&M's books, and this story is good, but unfortunately, the narration is so awful I could only listen to 2 hours before switching off. The narrator is so boring, I could not follow the storyline because she just drones on and on and on with no inflection whatsoever - Alexa or Siri could've done a much better job. I think I will stick to reading this series.

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Kera W.

The story is great. The narration is absolutely awful! I have to put the read rate to 1.25 for there to be any way I can handle listening. Words are pronounced wrong and the whole thing sounds like a Valley Girl accent. No real change of tone or voi d based on characters, etc. Just all around bad.

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