Sister on Borrowed Time

Written by:
Anna Bridgwater
Narrated by:
Cairine Macbrayne

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
4 hours 43 minutes
In November 2005 a young woman, Margaret, dies of leukemia. In this moving and personal book Margaret’s sister, the journalist and writer Anna Bridgwater, tells about the years leading up to her death – about life as a young woman in Copenhagen, about family, love, heartache and calamities, and about the diagnosis that changed everything.

Sister on Borrowed Time is a story about hope and about loving someone with cancer. It is a story about searching for a bone marrow donor in the attempt to cure the leukemia, and about confronting the ghosts of the past when death becomes a very real threat. Finally, the book is about the will to make the best of the time that remains, and about the void that appears when someone we love dies. And about how life goes on for those left behind, but never in quite the same way as before.
Anna Bridgwater has a master’s degree in Literature and is a freelance journalist and author. She has written around 20 fiction and nonfiction books in various genres and on a variety of topics.
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