The Skin I'm In

Written by:
Sharon Flake
Narrated by:
Sisi Aisha Johnson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2008
3 hours 52 minutes
Award-winning author Sharon G. Flake crafts a remarkable story of one girl's struggle to accept herself. Maleeka Madison is a dark-skinned African-American girl. She feels uncomfortable and wishes she had lighter skin. When her teacher, Miss Saunders, who suffers from a rare skin condition, shows that there is more to people than the color of their skin, Maleeka learns to appreciate and accept who she truly is. Sisi Aisha Johnson's gripping narration makes this story come alive.
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zion sharp

it was good I think the book was really inspiring it really spoke to me and I think that a lot of kids at school would appreciate listening to that or reading that and a good book to read at school so teachers let your kids that your students read them at school and still be a good book and I will teach the students to appreciate their selves and it was a really great book and I'm not sure if it was based on a true story but I know that it was a good but I didn't stop reading it in a day I read the whole thing in a day and it was really good books like 50 times but yeah also

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