Sneakiepeeks: A Full-Cast BBC Radio Comedy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
2 hours 48 minutes
Meet the bungling surveillance team you won’t want on your tail.

The time, now - the place, outside your window. Three surveillance operatives are on an unspecified job, working for an unspecified employer. Together, they are Beagle Team.
Good surveillance operatives have patience, alertness and discretion - this is a series about the other type of surveillance operative. Bill (Richard Lumsden), career snoop and technical specialist, has long carried a torch for beautiful yet disconnected fieldworker Sharla (Nina Conti), who doesn't know he exists, despite sharing the back of a van with him for most of their working life. Mark (Daniel Kaluuya), an enthusiastic yet slightly criminal trainee, has been assigned to them by their unknown employer, who goes by the codename ‘Huntsman’. However, whilst the team should be focusing on honing their surveillance skills, they spend more time backstabbing and scapegoating each other. Usually the team member out in the field with the microphones…
Faced with fresh targets, situations and locations, can the team botch their way to bringing down a team of blackmailers, stake out a Russian billionaire or learn anything from a CIA operative? What will happen when old rivals Terrier Team come onto their patch and what about that job so secret even the boss doesn’t know about it?
Sneakiepeeks is a laugh-out-loud comedy featuring an all-star cast including comedian Nina Conti, Clare in the Community's Richard Lumsden and Daniel Kaluuya, star of Skins, Get Out and Black Panther. It’s written by Harry Venning, the creator of Clare in the Community, and Neil Brand, the creator of Big Broadcast.
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Cast and credits
Written by Harry Venning and Neil Brand
Produced by Katie Tyrell
Bill - Richard Lumsden
Sharla - Nina Conti
Mark - Daniel Kaluuya
Tony Savage/Captain Le Clerc - Kevin Eldon
Geoff/Boris/Bristow - John Biggins
Ted/Bolkonski - Shaban Arifi
Nanny/Milij/Russian Girl - Alex Tregear
Mr Smith/Russian Crew/Ignatius/Fuego - Nigel Hastings
Mrs Smith/Russian Girl/Mrs A/Delphine - Kate Layden
Bishop/Russian Crew/Mr A - Ewan Hooper
Justine/Mrs Davies/Secretary -Tessa Nicholson
David/Colonel/Customer 2/Channing - Ewan Bailey
Man - Rhys Jennings
Edward Barraclough MP/Ian - Paterson Joseph
Norris/Tim the Tea Boy - Joe Thomas
Ros/Mrs Davies - Lucy Montgomery
Customer 1- Harry Venning
Customer 3 - Neil Brand
First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 8 December 2009
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