Soapsuds: A Novel

Written by:
Digby Diehl , Finola Hughes
Narrated by:
Anne Flosnik

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2005
16 hours 9 minutes
Having escaped to Hollywood after catching her boyfriend in bed with her best friend, London stage actress Kate McPhee is offered a gig on the popular daytime television series Live for Tomorrow. As Devon Merrick—police detective, car crash victim, and love interest for at least two men—she knows all the secrets and sins pulsating in fictional Hope Canyon. But the real drama is off the set, where the soap is indeed slippery.

Enter Meredith Contini, the show’s power-wielding diva. Meredith has two rules: Know your place and Stay in it. Kate broke both on day one, which is why she suddenly found her character switching sexual orientation. That brilliant solution came from Daphne del Valle, the show’s barking-mad obsessive/compulsive producer, who drives herself and her actors to enthrall the audience. (“Sell the hurt. Sell the rage. Sell the hunger. Sell the loooooove.”)

As gay detective Devon Merrick, Kate is a smash. The show is a hit. But Kate’s private life seems to be becoming something of a drama itself. Especially since everybody thinks she really is gay, which is a problem since she thinks the best cure for her real-life broken heart is to get a man into her bed. But who? Kirk, her sexy, tan, and talented leading man, is involved with Meredith. There’s Matt, the magician who makes her tea, but will her fourteen-hour days keep them from the promise of tangled sheets? And there’s Wyatt, her handsome new co-star, who Kate believes is the great love of her life. Except that he’s married, and his wife, Christine, is Kate’s new makeup artist and the one sane friend she has made in Los Angeles.
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Helen Medlock

This is one of the funniest books that I have listened to in a while. The inside look into a daily soap opera from the viewpoint of a new star that suddenly rises to the top on the program. Kate McPhee has a journey from the first day on the set until she is honored with an award. Her comical situations both on the set of the soap and her personal life are both entertaining and humorous. It keeps you on the edge to see what new situation she will some how fall into with no effort on her part. Would recommend for those who want a light-hearted book for a feel good feeling.

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Susan Gribben

This was a fun, silly, angel food cake of a book. Filona Hughes read it with humor and the characters were easily ID'ed. It was just as I expected it would be and was a nice break from Gilgamesh and Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Mind. I wanted something light and funny and I got it!

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Halfway the book, I thought the plot was lame and all over the place. But, I was hoping that it's going to be wrapped up nicely and things come full circle at the end. Oh no!! This book has NO PLOT, NO CLIMAX, NO CLEAR END, NO MESSAGE what so ever!! Plus the writing style is really boring. Don't waste your time on this book!

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I thought this book was horrendous. I love Finola Hughes and was excited for this venture but was completely turned off by her narration of the story. She read the book at high-speed with a grating, roller-coaster effect that was almost unbearable. Moreover, there was little to no plot and, by the end, I did not care what happened to the characters. Renter Beware!

Soapsuds: A Novel
This title is due for release on June 14, 2005.

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Soapsuds: A Novel
This title is due for release on June 14, 2005
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Soapsuds: A Novel
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Soapsuds: A Novel

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