Soldier of Crusade

Written by:
Jack Ludlow
Narrated by:
David Thorpe

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
11 hours 17 minutes
1096. The Pope has called for a crusade to free Jerusalem, and half the warriors of Europe have responded. Among them is the Norman, Count Bohemund, one-time enemy of Byzantium. In company with his warrior nephew, Tancred of Lecce, Bohemund must once more cross the Adriatic to the lands of the Byzantine Empire. His first task, pushing back the infidel Turks, calls for an uneasy alliance with old enemy Emperor Alexius. But can the Crusaders trust the wily Emperor? With old tensions arising, and the violent battles of the People's Crusade bringing destruction upon middle Europe, the strength of this reluctant truce and the de Hauteville dynasty itself are truly put to the test. Bohemund is faced once again with the opportunity to gain power, land, and riches for himself, but do the risks of doing so outweigh the rewards?
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