Something Noble

Written by:
William Kowalski
Narrated by:
Karen Robinson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
1 hour 55 minutes
Linda is a young, hardworking single mom struggling to get by from paycheck to paycheck.

When she learns that her son Dre needs a kidney transplant, her family's already precarious financial situation takes a turn for the worst. Then she discovers that the only one who can help Dre is his half-brother LeVon, a drug-dealing gangbanger who thinks only of himself. Somehow Linda must get through to LeVon in order to save her son.

Though she is deathly afraid of LeVon and the world he lives in, Linda knows she must conquer her fear and meet him on his own turf if she is to have any hope of success. Linda is finally able to teach LeVon the value of doing something noble with his life. And to her surprise, she learns she has room in her heart for one more kid, a boy from the streets who never had a chance.
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The story beautifully portrayed a mothers love

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Lydia N.

It was a great story about a sad situation the family went through. The narrator was down to earth and you could feel the emotions the story told.

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Estefania T.

Really enjoyed this book. I wish it was longer.

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Great book, worth the listen.

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The narrator is really good, though not the best choice for this book. She's got a good quality too her voice, and dies emotion well.

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Chester D.

Amazing narrator, good book which explores a lot of social, class and race issues.

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