Son of Blood

Written by:
Jack Ludlow
Narrated by:
David Thorpe

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
11 hours 51 minutes
11th century Italy. The domination of the Normans is causing trouble. At their head is the feared Robert de Hauteville, the 'Guiscard', who has colonised much of Italy and commands the triple Dukedom of the extended Norman family. But Robert has made many enemies, including the ever-powerful papacy in Rome. The newly elected Pope Gregory exercises his vendetta against the Normans by encouraging them to sail to Byzantium and fight the Turks. But first he must deal with the Guiscard. As Robert suppresses a Lombard revolt, his first-born Bohemund, now 17 and blessed with the strength, height and military prowess of his father, has come to fight in his army. Bohemund seeks to assert his natural right as the heir of Robert's dukedom, but it is not without difficulty as Robert's second son Borsa is now legally entitled to inherit. . . Blood ties will count for nothing.
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