The Song of Hiawatha

Narrated by:
Peter Yearsley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
3 hours 57 minutes
I sing the Song of Hiawatha, Brave of heart and strong of arm. Daughter's son of old Nokomis, Fathered by the harsh West Wind. With its regular, beating rhythm, the Song of Hiawatha has often been parodied, but in truth, it is a powerful, emotional epic; a hero's life, his loves and suffering. The legends and traditions of the North American Indian swirl together through the tale like a mountain stream, tumbling white over the rocks, and caressing the mossy tree roots. (Summary by Peter Yearsley) [introduction by Woodrow Morris]
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Ian Martin

Peter Yearsley seems unusually passionate about the material for a LibraVox reader. It seems that he understands the material and the form of the poem, so he is a very good presenter. Great job, Mr. Yearsley! The story itself is interesting as a piece of artistic literature, also as sections are based or inspired by Native American folklore. My own passing research indicates that Hiawatha, for the purposes of this poem, is a composite of various Native American characters. Once one realizes that the poem is not a primary source for Native American legends and was not written by Native Americans, one can appreciate it. A piece of art generated by the meeting of two civilizations and one's effort to present the other.

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