Songs for Your Mother

Written by:
Gordon Macmillan
Narrated by:
George Weightman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
9 hours 6 minutes
'Beautiful and heartbreaking. I know it will stay with me for a long time.' Reader Review

'I'm greeted by the strangest sight. A small dark-haired boy is standing there. It's like he's a human parcel, delivered to my front door.

'My name is Luke,' he says.'

When Johnny meets Lauren in a bar in Santa Cruz, there's an instant connection. On an American road trip with best friend Will, Johnny promises to return to the girl who has stolen his heart.

Until tragedy strikes, forcing Johnny to fly back home without ever seeing Lauren again.

Six years later, Johnny is living his life in London, even if he's never forgotten the girl with the grey eyes and dark hair.

Until one September morning, he opens his door to find a little boy standing there - a child, Johnny quickly comes to learn, who was created that one magical night. Lauren is dying, and her last wish is to reunite five-year-old Luke with the father he doesn't yet know.

Thrown into unexpected parenthood, Johnny finds himself navigating school-gate politics, Disney movies and tantrums, guided by the notes Lauren has written for him.

Life as an instant dad isn't always easy, but as Johnny and Luke open their hearts to each other, Johnny is about to discover that life's joy isn't always where you expected it.

An emotional, feel-good read that will have you laughing while you wipe away a tear - readers of Dani Atkins, Mike Gayle and Jojo Moyes will be captivated.

Readers are falling in love with this debut novel:

'Delightful. Pulled at my heart strings. I would totally recommend this as a feelgood book.' Reader Review

'What a beautifully emotive read. The perfect feelgood read that will make you laugh and cry.'

Reader Review

'A heart-wrenching, heart-warming story of a young man forced by circumstance to become an instant dad - a lovely read about growing into responsibility and love.' Reader Review

'My heart is just so full from this book. Watching Johnny navigate his unexpected new fatherhood was so gentle and raw.' Reader Review


Gordon is a former journalist writing about media and technology. He now works in marketing for Twitter UK. He has also blogged about dating and politics. His first novel Songs For Your Mother was published in May, 2021. His second novel, Ten Dates to Happiness, will be published in 2022.
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Sheila L

This author took his time... The characters and their history were well rounded and without a lot of unnecessary filler. It was a slow burn; it didn't feel rushed. So, refreshing. And the narrator was perfect. I almost forgot I was listening to an audiobook; I was so immersed in the story. Best of all, there wasn't a sudden climax and then the book ends. No, it was wrapped up (sort of spoiler alert here) with no real ending, what you want to make of it ending, but so satisfying. The book, IMO, was beautifully written, rich, and heartfelt. There was much to learn from this story on a personal level and I think anyone who wants something a little different, but smooth with excellent texture and character development, without all the anger, hate and sex that seems to find its way into most books these days, then this one is for you. You'll be left with a good feeling in your heart and smile on your face.

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Anne F.

A lovely story that touches so much emotion.

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Tali B.

loved this book. interesting. easy listen. good narrator. couldn't stop listening to it

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Sue S.

A delightful story

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Amy P.

Sweet story. Thoroughly enjoyed listening. I like books that leave you with a sweet, good feeling, especially when it could have done opposite.

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Kenneth D.

Even though there were a lot of unexpected turns in the story, I was a little bored by all of the constant over-thinking about parenting and was very disappointed by the non-ending ending! I enjoyed the narrator!

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Arlene F.

Extremely predictable but, if you have nothing to do, it was entertaining.

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Not great. I found the main character quite pathetic and the story was very predictable. The narrator was good but there is only so much you can do to prop up a lame story. Not for me thanks

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I loved it. I got so engrossed with this audiobook I didn’t want it to end. Beautifully written and the narration was soft and thoughtful throughout. A brilliant emotional book to listen to or read

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Jacklyn V.

Started slowly and almost gave up but started with the surprise entrance of a small boy and the lessons learned along the way !!

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Felt like the book was very repetitious and the very high point being the end. I have so many more questions I’d like answered .

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For me, it was a fantasy w/men & women in reversed roles. As a story, I found it weak & unrealistic - a long tale on cognitive dissonnace. Maybe this happens when people no longer interact with each other in real-time? The unrealistic becomes noteworthy? Perhaps this is why I rarely find reviews helpful. So listen to it and draw or write your own conclusions.

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Eileen W.

Wonderful story, great listen!

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Kaarthikeyan K.

Absolutely brilliant!

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Jill V.

What a beautiful book. It had me smiling albeit sometimes through tears.

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Mojgan B.

solid entertainment. Reads a bit like YA.

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Dianne C.

A very sad story but ever so interesting, I cried while listening and could not wait to hear the end. A beautiful story!!

Songs for Your Mother
This title is due for release on July 21, 2022.

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Songs for Your Mother
This title is due for release on July 21, 2022
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Songs for Your Mother
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Songs for Your Mother

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