South Africa - Xhosa People

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December 2020
0 hours 24 minutes
South Africa is home to ethnic groups of diverse backgrounds. According to a 2011 study, 77% are black, 9% are white South Africans, 8.9% are colored, and about 3% are of Asian and other descent.

The majority of South Africa's population and the majority of black South Africans are those who are classified as South African Bantu, but they are not culturally or linguistically homogeneous. The main ethnic groups include Zulu, Khosa, Basoto (Southern Soto), Bapedi (Northern Soto), Venda, Tswana, Tsonga, Swaziland and Ndebele...

Xhosa is an ethnic group from South Africa, inhabiting mainly the Eastern and Western Cape. Xhosa are divided into several tribes with related but still different heritage.
The name "Xhosa" comes from that of the legendary leader and king of this people, called uXhosa.
"No Luggage" - We'll stay with Xhosa in Ngxingxolo.
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