Spearhead (Adapted for Young Adults): An American Tank Gunner, His Enemy, and a Collision of Lives in World War II

Written by:
Adam Makos
Narrated by:
Johnathan Mcclain

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2022
9 hours 33 minutes
Adapted for young adults from the New York Times bestseller, a riveting and true WWII story of a young man--an American tank gunner--who meets his destiny in an iconic armor duel and forges an enduring bond with his enemy.

Shut the hatches. It's time to roll out. You'll find yourself behind enemy lines with Clarence Smoyer and the 3rd Armored Division, the workhorse unit known as 'Spearhead,' the best in the tank armor ranks.

You'll feel as if you are right beside Clarence and his fellow crew members--all formerly strangers from across America who have now become family to each other. You will be jarred by enemy fire, and then explore the other side, stepping into the boots of German tanker soldier, Gustav Schaefer and his crew. You'll witness the heartbreaking tragedy, when an innocent young woman is caught in the crossfire. You'll see what happens when all of these lives collide, and realize how the aftershock still affects the survivors more than a half a century later. A riveting and true account of the perils of war as well as the prospect of forgiveness.

Cover images courtesy of Chuck Miller (Easy Company commanders); National Archives (medics, Clarence in cap, Spearhead dough); Bryan Makos, Valor Studios, Inc. (background map); U.S. Army photo by William B. Allen, courtesy of Dave Allen and Darren Neely (Panther); Steven Zaloga (Fury); Buck Marsh (A-Company doughs); Clarence Smoyer (Clarence sketch)
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