Spoon-Fed: Why almost everything we’ve been told about food is wrong

Written by:
Tim Spector
Narrated by:
Leighton Pugh

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
8 hours 0 minutes
Brought to you by Penguin.

We are all bombarded with advice about what we should and shouldn’t eat, and new scientific discoveries are announced every day. Yet the more we are told about nutrition, the less we seem to understand.

Through his pioneering scientific research, Tim Spector has been shocked to discover how little good evidence there is for many of our most deep-rooted ideas about food. In a series of short, myth-busting chapters, Spoon-Fed reveals why almost everything we’ve been told about food is wrong. Spector explores the scandalous lack of good science behind many medical and government food recommendations, and how the food industry holds sway over these policies and our choices.

Spoon-Fed is a groundbreaking book that forces us to question every diet plan, official recommendation, miracle cure or food label we encounter, and encourages us to rethink our whole relationship with food.

Diet may be the most important medicine we all possess. We urgently need to learn how best to use it, not just for our health as individuals but for the future of the planet.

©Tim Spector 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020
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Informative book on food we eat and how it influences our health, based on scientific studies...well mostly. In the end I still felt unclear about food choices, mainly reinforced my current choices. be a flexitarian (love this new word and will pass it on), maintain an exercise program to maintain weight and stay away from those marketed processed foods.

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Asif S.

Start of book was good but if you refer to Tim’s recommendations there is hardly anything that you could eat

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Glenn Youngerman

Excellent information and very easy to listen to!

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