Sri Lanka - Elephants' Orphanage

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Release Date
December 2020
0 hours 24 minutes
We have an important plan The subject of conserving elephants arouses passions all over the world. It's the same here in Sri Lanka. According to the Ministry of Nature Conservation there are 5879 elephants on the island, the highest number in the whole of Asia.
Despite this, elephants are still an endangered species. There greatest conflict is with man. Fortunately Sri Lankan elephants are relatively safe from poachers, since only 7% of them have tusks. In Sri Lanka the percentage is even lower. Only 2% of elephants here have priceless tusks, which costs the lives of these animals at the hands of poachers greedy for a profit.
Everyone we ask about elephants mentions the orphanages for baby elephants. Today, however, we want to see the wild world of these giants. Where can see wild elephants in Sri Lanka? The locals say that there are three fantastic places - the Kaudulla, Minneriya, and Udawalawe National Parks.
"No Luggage" - of elephants and man!
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