Stagecoach Graveyard

Written by:
Thom Nicholson
Narrated by:
Milton Bagby

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2013
7 hours 35 minutes
Bounty hunter Marty Keller doesn't expect his job to be easy, but he does expect to get paid. Stagecoach company owner Malcolm O'Brian puts a price on the head of a robber, but it's money he hasn't got. After Keller dodges a hail of bullets to bring in the wanted man, he's more than a little curious about how O'Brian plans to pay. O'Brian promises double if Keller can rid him of the threat to his stagecoach line for good. Now the bounty hunter is riding shotgun and aiming to take on as many outlaws as necessary - because on this trip, the cargo is hot lead and cold death.
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