Start Now: Because That Meaningful Job is Out There, Just Waiting For You

Written by:
Reynold Levy
Narrated by:
Reynold Levy , Gary Galone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
7 hours 17 minutes
Newcomers to the workplace. The recently fired. Those desiring to advance with their current employer. Those eager to move on. Many have found what they do for a living deadening, disappointing, and tedious. For these reasons and others, one in five Americans change jobs every year.

Drawing on his extensive career in the nonprofit, commercial, and public-service realms, Richard Levy helps listeners think about the future creatively and prepare for it resourcefully. He offers recipes for moving up in an appealing organization or moving out gracefully to a better position elsewhere.

Start Now offers concrete, actionable, practical advice:
• Take full advantage of school, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.
• Learn how to succeed at work without being imprisoned there.
• Ask others for help compellingly.

In all of these ways and more, Reynold shares his extensive experience as a professor, a trustee, a consultant, a public speaker, an author, and a chief executive officer at the 92nd Street Y, the AT&T Foundation, the International Rescue Committee, and Lincoln Center.
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