Steele My Heart

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
6 hours 28 minutes
Gil: I was tired of working the police beat in Northern Cali. Exhausted-my whole body was yearning for a place I hadn't been in years, my old home. When my mama died, I knew I had to come back, and a pay bump and new job as police chief sealed the deal.

I got away from heartbreak. From being so tired. From the constant, never-ending world of crime I'd come to know.
In Abingdon, I can relax, see all my old friends from Jackson Academy. Maybe I can even change this place a little, make it better for all the kids like me. The ones who were different, who always needed a place a little bigger and broader than a small mountain town could provide.

I always promised myself I wouldn't come back. But Kendall Vincent-he might just get me to stay for good. When I'm in his arms, I feel complete, whole again, like a man reborn to the world.

Everything seems perfect, right up until the moment that it's not. When two gay kids get hurt bad by a gang of thugs, I realize that Abingdon needs me far more than I thought. And I'm here to protect the town-and the man-that I'm growing to love.

Contains mature themes.
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Melinda F.

This story is really great but the narration left a lot to be desired. The southern accent was way over done. Well over done by one narrator and not even there with the other. Hopefully they improve in the other books.

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April B.

really good love story with an outside angst thrown in. this is something different from the normal angst story and I enjoyed it. awesome narration as always

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Carmen D.

Great story, sad that I didn’t read this in print. Can’t believe it was so good. A lot of love and angst with a mystery. Narrators was fabulous. Would definitely recommend you add this to your library. I will be book marking the author for future reads.

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