Stolen Prey

Written by:
John Sandford
Narrated by:
Richard Ferrone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2012
11 hours 30 minutes
Lucas Davenport has seen many terrible murder scenes. This is one of the worst. In the small Minnesota town of Wayzata, an entire family has been killed—husband, wife, two daughters, dogs.

There’s something about the scene that pokes at Lucas’s cop instincts—it looks an awful lot like the kind of scorched-earth retribution he’s seen in drug killings sometimes. But this is a seriously upscale town, and the husband was an executive vice president at a big bank. It just doesn’t seem to fit.

Until it does. And where it leads Lucas will take him into the darkest nightmare of his life.
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H.B. Z.

This is one of my favorites among the "Prey" series. Not at the top, but very near. I'm aware of real situations similar to the murders. I like having his family directly included in the story. For me, it adds credibility. I would recommend it for anyone who can withstand the violence and gore. Narration is first class, too.

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It was so nice to have one of my favorite authors give me an accounting crime. Few know about zero balance accounts or are aware that they are using them--Paypal, for example. Big corporations transfer enough money to cover their payroll and accounts payable and leave the rest in an interest-bearing account. I can see why this type of account would be used for money laundering or for the scam in this book. Excellent story. I loved it.

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James E

Another solid effort by Sandford. Richard Ferrone as always brings the story to life.

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