Summer at the Seaside: The Adventures of Fenek

Summer at the Seaside: The Adventures of Fenek

Written by:
Magdalena Gruca
Narrated by:
Claire Glover
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
0 hours 6 minutes
Finally, it’s holiday time! Fenek and his parents have decided to spend it at the seaside. Are they safe on the beach? 

Thanks to this book, your child will:- learn about summer; 

- get to know some beach safety rules;

- find out what the job of a lifeguard is about;

- find out about the equipment used by a lifeguard: a tall chair, binoculars and a rescue buoy;

- find out why it is necessary to use sunscreen and how to do it. 

Interesting ways of spending time with your child:Take your child for a swim. Talk to him/her about beach safety, lake safety, and swimming pool safety. Show him/her pictures of a lifeguard and his/her equipment. Make binoculars together, for example using paper towel rolls. 
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