Summertime Forgiveness

Written by:
Kimberly Thomas
Narrated by:
Emma Faye

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
5 hours 32 minutes
Losing a loved one is hard-losing three is heart shattering. Within less than a year, Josephine has lost the three most important men in her life in two separate accidents. How does one come back from a hurt that grips you so tightly that it's hard to even breathe?

When her estranged father leaves a will naming her and her sisters the sole heirs of the inn and restaurant in Oak Harbor, Jo finds herself putting her pride aside and heading back to the one place she'd vowed never to return.

Josephine is finally finding her way after being lost for so long, but when secrets that should have been buried start resurfacing, she runs the risk of losing the most important person in her life. She now realizes the life she's hanging onto is about to become shattered into pieces.

She's found her footing with her once estranged sisters, but one wrong word is all it could take to topple this fragile bond. Add in a terminally ill mother and you can understand why she's hesitant to give in to the beginning of a new love.

Will the loss and fragility of her relationships be too much for Josephine to bear or can she open her heart to an enduring love?
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