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Supercharged Selling: Action Guide, The Power to Be the Best

Written by:
Warren Greshes
Narrated by:
Warren Greshes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2012
5 hours 47 minutes
This comprehensive, powerful audiobook for sales managers and sales people is guaranteed to end any sales force motivation problems. Supercharged Selling is the high-octane kick you need to re-energize the pursuit of your dreams. Warren Greshes shoots straight from the lip and straight at the heart of the matter. No abstract theories here, just plain talk and career-boosting truths.
Announcing a powerful new system guaranteed to end your sales motivation problems.
• The Winning Attitude
• Customers Vote with Their Feet
• The Power of Commitment
• The True Definition of Success
• Do Whatever It Takes
• See Yourself Successful
• Make Your Goal A Reality
• A Blueprint for Your Life and Career
• Working your Plan
• Persistence: Sustaining the Effort
Achieve these Key Program Results:
• Increased sales
• Comprehensive and lasting motivational training
• Saves sales time
• Saves your time
• Saves training and sales dollars
• Improves retention and application of training
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