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Swapped and Shared

Swapped and Shared

Written by:
Jane Fox
Narrated by:
Marcus M Wilde
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
0 hours 29 minutes
Karen is so angry! Her husband Tyler is spending all day at work at the pharmaceutical company, totally ignoring her. But when he brings home a new super-hormone, she discovers a way to get revenge! She doses him with enough of the potent drug to cause a total gender transformation...and Tyler is shocked to discover himself a hot, busty blonde! But he hardly has time to get used to that, because Karen has one more surprise in store for him...she has invited over the two biggest, hardest men in the neighborhood to take their turns with Tyler's new girl-body! But when Tyler realizes he is going to be shared, will he be able to handle two big men at once?
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