Tanzania - Hadzabe Tribes / Meet da Elders

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
0 hours 27 minutes
We are guests of the Hadzabe tribe - the last hunter-gatherers in the savannah of Tanzania... This visit is extremely unusual. We will be in a chase during their morning hunt. Whether we will be useful or just a hindrance will become clear very soon.
All Hadzabe boys and men are hunters. Of course, some are better than others... Their culture is the so-called "bow and arrows". They do not use other weapons and do not make traps for catching. Small bows are made The little boys and they start walking around with their grandparents and learning how to use them. Initially, they practice stalking and hunting reptiles, rodents and birds around the bivouac...

"No Luggage" we go through the bush with the hunters from the Hadzabe tribe! It's action time.
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