They Came To Kill [Dramatized Adaptation]: Preacher & MacCallister 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
6 hours 32 minutes
'When a legendary frontiersman teams up with a legendary mountain man, the wild west will never be the same. But first they’ve got to live up to their legends—or die trying...

There are some things in this world that can't be stopped. Like progress, a moving train, and the American Dream. When the bigwigs in Washington decide to build a transcontinental railroad to the West Coast, they need a man who's just as unstoppable to clear a path through Mexican territory. That man is Jamie MacCallister.

Jamie knows it's a tough job. The territory is overrun with Apaches. The Apaches are gunning for a fight. And the first patrol sent in by the president has already been ambushed, kidnapped, and most likely killed. Jamie knows he can't take on the whole Apache nation by himself. He needs help. He needs backup.

He needs a nonstop force of mountain-man fury who goes by the name of Preacher....

Performed by Mort Shelby, Mike Carnes, Triya Leong, Terence Aselford, Matthew Schleigh, Chris Stinson, Michael Glenn, Bradley Foster Smith, Robb Moreira, Joey Sourlis, Christopher Graybill, Scott McCormick, Andy Clemence, JW Rone, Eric Messner, Kay Eluvian, Gabriel Michael, Steven Carpenter, Rob McFadyen, Mike Ciporkin, Thomas Penny, Dylan Lynch, Rayner Gabriel, Ren Kasey, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Michael John Casey, Trei Taylor, Todd Scofield and Ryan Haugen.'
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